Friday, 16 April 2010

Se Casa Mi Hermana!!!!!!!

I can't believe i haven't blogged about this yet but... Sophie is getting married!!!! aged 23! (at the moment) proposed to by grant in Disney Land Paris at Christmas and the date is set!

6th August 2011!!!!!!! Sophie Lake will become Sophie Johnson (or Lake-Johnson!) whoooo!!!!

I'm so so so so over the moon and even more so because have the honour of being Chief Bridesmaid! hurrrahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! roll on the Hen doo!

Planning starts in this summer post exams!
watch this space...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Door Closed....Cue Window...!!!!!

In definite need of a blog!

you know those experiences that make you wake up and feel like your a different person to yesterday....well just had one.
Dating is a stressful process!!'re so desperate to gauge the sanity of the other person that it just turns into an immediate judging competition hanging on every word... poor guy. And of course, in depth pre and post date analysis amongst girlfriends is a must but... again.. this can snowball into sweeping and often incorrect judgment of character! Oh what fun!

seriously though come on you guys need to brush up on your dating etiquette!!

2) GIVE THE GIRL A COMPLIMENT OR TWO! (even if you dont mean it and definitely not just immediately before the "bedroom scene")
3) DONT TELL SHIT STORIES (if im not looking into your eyes im not interested)
4) HOW ABOUT A BIT OF CHIVALRY !?!?!?!? (i know this is the 21st century but come ON -its not about saying- "your round then")
6) CHILL ON THE FAMILY TREE (second cousins twice removed that you taught how to tie their shoe laces are irrelevant at this point)
7) FEED ME! .... i like food.. take me for dinner already
9) PLEASE LET ME FINISH MY STORIES (i have enough trouble telling them anyway)
10) DONT CALL ME .. ever

maybe my standards are too high but seriously ... i could go on and on and on.........


However I do not regret by any means.. we win some we lose some... and you can take something and learn a lot from everything!

Door Closed...cue Window!!!!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Friday, 22 January 2010

Dear Diary 2008

I have recently come across this file I saved on my computer!!!! I must have written it in Argentina, I cant really rememeber - it was such an amazing thing to find to remind me just how happy I was..(why I have written it in spanglish i dont know!) i could read it over and over! - Will that feeling ever return!?
I miss it dearly!

I have made so many friends here.. every day is a new day and can always bring something new.
Today I went out with the girls… other days I go out with the boys… other days I do my own thing. But I know here that people care and if I’m lonely I can buscar a alguien. Todo incluyen y quieren saber como estoy.. igual que yo quiero saber como van ellos.
Some days I’m a traveller.. others I’m a Cordobesa .. es asi and asi me gusta.
In ‘the loft’ I’m at home..
I can think, I can talk, I can be me. To find this in 3 months on the other side of the world.. que suerte que he tenido.
I can walk down the street and go and see Ruben the washer lady to tell me about her teeth.. the fruit boy or Iris mi abuela nueva de la tienda de ropa para senoras! ...
Como los voy a extrañar.. no quiero que sea como un “sueno” cuando vuelva..
Aca.. tena una vida.. no solo una experiencia... tengo una familia.. amigas de verdad... amigos y conocidos... y los que voy a conocer.. que todavia no conozco.
Aca.. nunca he sentido que es dificil para encontrar a gente... solamente que tengo que salir de la casa y alli estan ...
Que siga con este sentido .. en madrid y todos lados.. y que me vaya mejorando día por día.
Que feliz que sos en tu vida... ahora es el tiempo de reconocerlo.

December 2008 – Argentina

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Try before you buy!

So, in april of this year i went skiing to canada with the fam. It was wooonnnderful!

whilst i was there i came upon a little arts studio, so on a blizzardy day when the runs were closed I decided, as a treat i would paint my very own teapot...
here it is...

and i do love it.. but i have got just one slight doesnt pour. I literally havent been able to pour it without spillage even once... oh the disappointment.. so currently it lies demoted.. in the shadows of a much more precise breed
try before you buy! - moto for the day!

isn't she pretty!

Life is boring without photos.. so i thought i'd share with you my motivation to work hard!
one day, one day!!.....


So, 4th year of degree, exams are approaching, final year, big stress, courseworked up to my eyeballs.....

and i still have no idea

1) why the hell i'm studying economics ?
2) what even is economics ?

seriously though ... all these sciene, engineering, english, art degrees, they teach you skills or you discover new things... economics.. im really not sure what the hell im learning. definitely nothing relevant to the real world thats for sure.

what is the point, i ask, of studying theories of how firms set wages, or how economies develop or how resources are allocated efficiently within society if, at the end of the day "in the real world it doesn't happen like that"

Well i'm sorry but id rather live in the "real world" and not worry about such irrelevant crap.

"money" doesnt even exist for gods thats a statement.

rant over... back to my black and white, Times New Roman, font sized 12, 2500 worded, justified margined, black and white boring arse of an essay.

count down until this no longer rules my life